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Battlefield 1 Review

Everyone that knows me knows that I am a huge Battlefield fan. If you had to ask me why, well I couldn’t just give you one simple answer. There is too many things to mention like; the gameplay, the sound, the visuals. I almost lost my mind when they announced Battlefield 1. It was a dream come true, a first person shooter set in World War 1. It has been a long time waiting.

What you need to know:

Battlefield 1 is the fifteenth installment in the awesome Battlefield series. What makes this one stand out from the others is that it is set in World War 1. This is a good thing in my opinion as there are so many modern shooters right now, but we needed some old school battles. Battlefield 1 got the feel and setting of World War 1 spot on. The guns are clunky and it made you move slower, depending on which weapons you those. The Tanks were heavy and moved slow and you must be thinking this is bad right? Well it isn’t, it makes for some interesting gameplay.

The game features a brilliant Single player element that covers six different soldiers from their perspective. They called it War Stories and I won’t lie, I did have a bit of tears here and there. The War stories really captured and showed that war isn’t a wonderful and happy place. It pulled you deep into the action, placing you on the edge of your seat.

The multiplayer side of the game is pure Battlefield. Like the previous games, you really need to work as a team to accomplish your mission. With it being based on World war 1 and the fact that you don’t have fancy scopes, high tech drones and stuff like that in your arsenal. You are guaranteed to have some epic battles and to top it off they even added dynamic weather to the mix to make it even more awesome.

– What’s New?

The game features some great new additions. They have added a mode called Operations, which is a combination of the classic modes Rush and Conquest. Each map in operations tells a story and you can choose between 40 or 64 player modes.

– What’s the Same?

Well it is Battlefield, so the action never stops. Multiplayer includes the classic modes like Rush, Conquest and Team Deathmatch. Battlefield 1 feels like any other Battlefield game, but at the same time it feels like a brand new game.

Plus Points

4) The Visuals and sound in Battlefield 1 is amazing.

3) The War Stories for the single player campaign was brilliantly done.

2) The inclusion of the operations mode. It is all out war.

1) World War 1 setting. Being able to play in a setting where they didn’t have high tech equipment to help one out.

Favourite moment
Once during our first Battlefield 1 Friday, I got myself a light tank and started progressing forward with the objectives. My buddy Smuroh and his brother (Toxic Bunny ZA) was on the wrong team, they tried to stop me. During the battles there was one person that I kept killing by pure luck and that was Toxic Bunny ZA. He kept finding my bullets.

Minus Points:

3) There are only 6 War stories. I would have liked a few more. Hopefully they add more in the future.

2) The game has some very long load times between multiplayer games. You wait a while before getting into the action.

1) Gas Grenades. This is more an issue with players over using them. It has spoiled Rush mode a little for me.

Least favourite thing:
There is this forest map in the game and it is my least favourite map. The map design is great and all, but play the map on Rush or Conquest is a real challenge to me. People don’t play the roles of their classes and people overuse the gas grenades at the objectives.

Final Say:

Battlefield 1 is one of this special First Person Shooters one shouldn’t miss. It is one of the best games of 2016. Even if you are not a Battlefield fan, you have to play this game. The look and feel this game achieves is mind-blowing. I can’t recommend this game enough. Go and get it now if you haven’t done so already. See you all on the Battlefield.

– Game was bought by POI-ZONE and reviewed on Xbox One. –