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Xbox One gets DSTV Now Support

Finally the DSTV Now Streaming service is available on the Xbox One. I have been using the DSTV Now streaming service for a while now on my computer to watch F1 for example when the kids are using the main TV. But now I can finally use it via my Xbox One. MultiChoice stated that “Usage of DStv Now is increasing rapidly with more than two million plays of live and Catch Up content per…

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Battlefield 1 Review

Everyone that knows me knows that I am a huge Battlefield fan. If you had to ask me why, well I couldn’t just give you one simple answer. There is too many things to mention like; the gameplay, the sound, the visuals. I almost lost my mind when they announced Battlefield 1. It was a dream come true, a first person shooter set in World War 1. It has been a long time waiting. What…

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